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Powershell event id 400


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WebClient acts as a PowerShell web browser; 22.

The HostName field is included in message details of events identified by EID 400 and EID 403. For a local activity, this filed is recorded as ConsoleHost ...


Darkoperator on Twitter: "On Windows 7 deploy Windows 5.1 and then monitor for EventId 400 under Windows-PowerShell for HostVersion=2.0 in EventData ...

Of course, EID 4103 event logs cannot be truncated as intended during the execution of multiple spliced commands, with key-value pairs in the logs still ...

... 42. Even older PowerShell v2 Event ID 400 ...

... windo powershell.JPG

The module logging records the CommandInvocation type and ParameterBlinding content involved during PowerShell script or command execution, covering the ...

... 12. PS Event IDs – Windows PowerShell ...

Attack thinking (from the perspective of Red Team): Though key-value pairs are left after exploitation of the vulnerability, attack script code, ...

PowerShell v5 Event IDs ...

Here's a 4769 event that may potentially be from Kerberoasting activity:

0x03 PowerShell V3/V4 Featuring Comprehensive Logging


DirectoryRanger on Twitter: "Windows PowerShell Logging Cheat Sheet https://t.co/hUd1aFos7W… "

PowerShell ...

To enable ScriptBlock logging, users can run PowerShell V5 with administrative privileges and execute the following commands:


From the Event sources drop-down menu, check the box next to “Chkdsk.”

We start observing some other interesting events popping up here. Disregarding Sysmon EventCode 20 (belongs to the new 6.10 version) which will be dissected ...

Invisi-Shell - Bypassing all Powershell security features

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We found the following error:

When we use our Kerberoast discovery PowerShell script against the Domain Controller event logs, we find that Joe User has requested a lot of Kerberos ...

The log file, the event viewer, and notable lack of the Sophos firewall service equals success.

I cut off the output from both commands, but when you run both, you'll immediately notice that Get-WinEvent returns a lot more logs.

... Screenshot of unknown taken from 225812 ms from task started ...

PowerShell ...

Windows PowerShell

diagnostics-performance event details

Custom Eventlog Category

Use pre-defined searches to zero in on critical event data.

Windows+PowerShell+Logging+Cheat+Sheet+ver+June+2016+v2 | Windows Registry | System Software


Flow Featured

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PowerShell Log to XML

Alternatively, users can enable this function and record script file invocation information by configuring GPO settings:

enter image description here

... Editor · MbrinActiveDiskEditor

... on the command from the module executed and objects that traverse a Pipeline are logged in to the Event Log under Windows PowerShell with Event ID

Another detection technique here is the monitoring of anomalous DLL load events. In this instance you would see Firefox loading our malicious.dll.

... Screenshot of be5256995ca42d63a36e9eb9d273cfdcca4c3fc4e2e7e973a11ae660d17857d3 taken from 71079 ms from task started ...

It takes 4 Parameters:

Memory Payload execution. Registry Persistence. Privilege escalation using 4 "UAC Bypass" techniques for Win7\8\10. Hidding Payload in NTFS Disk via ADS ...

Can someone help me with this?

Silver Ticket Event 4674: PowerShell Remoting

Installing PowerShell Components

... provider name of "disk" in the system event log with an event ID of 1, we could define the XML as below and pass that value to the FilterXML parameter.

Using the information regarding ticket encryption type and ticket options, we can use PowerShell to parse the DC's event log looking for ...


Alternatively: THL002-01

Listing the available commands

Windows10-AMSI-Defender-Fail-InvokeMimikatz. Limiting PowerShell Capability

How to Read Event Viewer Log for Chkdsk in Windows PowerShell

Without any specific Core modifications I took my already modified profile.ps1 profile from Windows PowerShell and copied it to this location.

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Solved: PowerShell get-gateways always returns blank value - Microsoft Power BI Community

If I searched for Powershell under Apps I only found the regular PowerShell, (By default all the administrative apps are not visible, not even by Windows ...

[Click on image for larger view.] Figure 4.

An intro into abusing and identifying WMI Event Subscriptions for persistence | In.security Cyber Security Technical Services & Training

The following is the ADFS login page after an unsuccessful sign in:

Citrix Receiver unattended installation with PowerShell - Citrix Receiver 64-bit OS 32-bit


File Open

... Warning with an Event ID 400 from the source Symantec Network Protection along with the following message: [SID: 30278] Attack: Apache Struts CVE 2017 ...

Investigating PowerShell - Crowdstrike

You can insert a little PowerScript to download and execute remote code within Excel. Stealthy!

secRMM Scan Device

PowerShell Get-WindowsImage Windows Server 2019 Editions

Solved: PowerShell get-gateways always returns blank value - Microsoft Power BI Community

... Practical Purple Teaming; 38. Random Powershell • Windows PowerShell log Event Id 400 ...


Creating a New Event Log Monitor

fix powershell has stopped working

PowerShell Downgrade Attacks

Open the Event Viewer and navigate to Applications and Services Logs > Microsoft-Workplace Join. As shown below, for a successful device registration this ...

Standard Notes: a Note-Taking App with Client-Side Encryption

Intune ODJ connector service Event Logs

Malware · A dive into Turla PowerShell usage

Database management

o 32176 from the LS User Service

After that you have on the one hand a new tab with the source of the include file.

*Note: This remote connection will open Windows PowerShell and not PowerShell Core.

PowerShell Automatic Variables

Open image in new window ...

POWERSHELL SWITCH VS IF: This Is What Professionals Do