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How to create a light pollution map

Help Make Better Map of Global Light Pollution

Sky Brightening Resulting from Artificial Lighting

Download high-res image ...

Download high-res image ...

Shows the legend of the currently visible overlays.


[Luminic Map of Florida]


Changing map content

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Cinzano Canada Map of Dark Skies

map of light pollution growth in the united states. “

Light pollution mapped through levels of impact, with white being most intense: city/

North Carolina

Light pollution map dark site finder

Light Pollution

Avid star-gazers can consult this light pollution map to find the ideal, artificial light-free spots.

False colors show intensities of skyglow from artificial light sources.

light pollution map of spain

A satellite view of light pollution in Southern Arizona.

A worldwide cloud-free mosaic from the Suomi NPP satellite, showing the extent of visible lights in 2016. The effects of light pollution – especially ...

How to Photograph a Meteor Shower

Globe at Night light pollution map

Scope Nights Astronomy Weather - Global Dark Sky Light Pollution Map

Globe at Night in 2011

Night Blight 2016: Mapping England's Light Pollution and Dark Skies

The shape of the country above can be a little hard to make out because much of the country is free from light pollution. However you can still make out ...

Light pollution map of San Antonio and surrounding areas. Image courtesy of Google Earth and

Light pollution concerns at FLWO

A world atlas light pollution map shows the artificial light brightness over parts of North America in 2015. (www.lightpollutionmap.info)

McDonald Observatory, Oil and Gas Organizations Collaborate to Reduce Light Pollution in West Texas; Issue Recommended Lighting Practices Document and ...

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Light pollution doesn't just ruin our view of the stars, it also interferes with our natural circadian rhythms, making sleep difficult even when our ...

Map showing light pollution over London

Light Pollution – The Problem

And even more importantly, both maps can help us detect excessive amounts as well as inefficient types of light; making these maps an important tool in ...

Starting This Week, You Can Help Build a Better Map of Light Pollution | Popular Science

For a light pollution map of Lake San Antonio, click here ...

Air Pollution Near Schools Linked To Health, Academic Problems

In 1997, an association of astronomers requested that light pollution be studied using observations made from DMSP weather satellites belonging to the US ...

NASA Blue Marble Navigator. NASA Blue Marble Navigator. Globe at Night light pollution map

As you can see, the blue represents darker skies and the yellow/orange/red represent light pollution. Northern Missouri and Southern Missouri are going to ...

Can you name this country (above) in Europe? This one is very easy so you get no more clues.

Luminance maps of the night sky in Hammer–Aitoff equal area projection calculated from all-sky images obtained. along the transects from the town of ...

Light Pollution Issues in Australia

World map of artificial sky brightness. Credit: Fabio Falchi from the Light Pollution Science and Technology Institute in Thiene, Italy.

Light Pollution Visualization.jpg

Larger image

The maps show you where the highest concentration of light 'pollution' is most ...

LED Lighting for Oil and Gas Facilities. IEEE Xplore (October 2014).

Light pollution world map with countries on blue background

The light pollution map below shows you the sky quality at Sentosa, the location where my test was performed.

Definition of pollution

General Information

Kerry International Dark-Sky Reserve Tourism Map

light pollution map of GMO.jpg

Light Pollution Diagram

CIRES Communication on Twitter: "Want to see the Perseids meteor shower in the nights around Aug 12? Don't let light pollution make your experience ...

Suitability map of the sky in France.

Download full-size image

[Luminic Map of Southern Key Biscayne]

Help Make Better Map of Global Light Pollution

Mapping at CPRE

Thousands of distant rhinestones twinkle in the winter blackness above my sunroof, and the branches whizzing past overhead create the illusion that my car ...

Light pollution is greatest within migration passage areas for nocturnally-migrating birds around the world | Scientific Reports

Filters are provided to control the number of points displayed on the map.


Even though they're the same color zone, location B is better than location A because you don't have to look south through the light pollution of Vegas.

enter image description here

The ...

As Light Pollution Spreads, National Parks Become Stargazing Sanctuaries

Can you name this country (above) in Europe? This one is very easy so you get no more clues.

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Guide to how light pollution affects the night-time sky

light pollution map as well as screenshots to create awesome light pollution map google earth 541

Light pollution: the new world atlas of night sky brightness under the Italian leadership

Northumberland International Dark Sky Park

Pollution map reveals unsafe air quality at almost 2,000 UK sites


Light Pollution Filters for Astrophotography

birds flying in city at night

... the levels of light pollution. Although Cottonwood Campground is not in the darkest area of the park, it has amenities like real restrooms that make ...

Pollution Map Awesome Help Make Better Map Of Global Light Pollution