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History of knives

history of knives

The use of Knives as weapons and tools dates back to Prehistoric Times. The earliest Knives were made of Flint. The first Metal Knives were symmetrical ...

FULL CIRCLE: From the Stone Age through the Iron Age, the development of the knife was closely related to warfare. The Roman kitchen knife's design echoes ...


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History of knives from flint to stainless steel

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brief history of knives

The throwing knife collection of Philippe Catania.


Balisong knife history

The Progression of Surgical Knives Throughout History

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Two Knives 1634 A.D. - Stock Image

japanese knife history

Most Important Knives From History

“A Brief History of Knives: Japanese Culinary Knives and the West” by Josh Donald

Green River Knife

Blackjack knives produce hunting, fighting and workman knives.

History of Kershaw: Quality from Day One (1974–1979)

Nontron Knife Ball Shape Handle Model Nontron Knife Ball Shape Handle Model

The History of Cutlery

Illustration for article titled The History of Knives, Forks and Spoons

Complete Illustrated History of Knives, Swords, Spears & Daggers Paperback – 2013


history of the kitchen knife


Knife History- Survival Knives

History of trench (trench) knives and melee weapons

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examples of switchblades

historical edc knives and outdoor knife collection pieces

Buck 110 and G96 860

Viking Knives

Okapi has a rich history dating back over a 100 years to Solingen, Germany, otherwise known as the “City of Blades”, since it has long been renowned for the ...


Case Sod Buster(R) knife in boat surrounded by fishing gear

File:Iron Age knives from Belarus.jpg

Buck Knives – A Brief History & Review

The popularity of the folding knife has led to the enormous success of the most popular brands in circulation today.

history of knives - Italian stiletto

A Short History of American Pocket Knives - Best Folding Knife & Pocket Knife Guide

Category: Knife History

Forged in Fire: Knife Design Tips (S1, E4) | History

Knife from Baltic region ...

History of knives

The Musée de l'Armée (Army Museum) - Paris (rylojr1977) Tags

Aritsugu Knives - Quality And Sharpness That Transcend Time

Case Knives - A History of an American Icon

The History of the Pocket Knife

Knife Picture

The Origins of the Roman Knife

France Laguiole - Pocket knives

History of the Swiss Army Knife

The history of spoons, forks, and knives

Can someone tell me something about this knife? Year, what's it for, history ?

View Larger Image Famous Knives in History

New book explores history and craftsmanship of Japanese knives - Living Locally - Be Local Calgary

History of Kershaw: USA Manufacturing is Born (1990–1997)

History of Axes, Swords and Knives - Cine

Image for The Working Folding Knife (inc. History, Designs & Materials; Slip

Barlow with horn bolster.



Viking Seax Knife #26 - Knives 8th century germanic knife Knife living history medieval


Dexter Knives – History and Review

Knives Of The Hudson Valley - 160 Year history Schrade NYK Walden Ulster & Many More

Bayonet knives for rifles and machine guns of military history

Knife. Late 18th century. Canadian Museum of History

Technique Tuesday: Palette Knife

1936 Frank Richtig and his now famous knives appeared in Ripley's after using one of his knives to cut the lock from a jail cell. After the story went out, ...

Living History knives introduced in 2007.

... the pocketknife will always have a place in our future, and it's exciting to know that we're now using the knives of coming generations' history books.

A total of 67 deadly blades were seized, including serrated kitchen knives (Image: SWNS.com)


Dexter-Russell, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer in the finest cutlery products since 1818. They are still the largest and oldest cutlery manufacturer ...

Before knives were invented, the prehistoric men used small stones or pebbles mainly to cut the carcasses of animals. During the Stone Age, the prehistoric ...

1923-1951 Vintage Ka-Bar + Ka-Bar Knife History

Joseph Rodgers Daggers

When this knife was found some 25 years ago the wood of the handle had almost completely disappeared, the owner had a new handle made for it.

Knives to grind. White hall. Modern London; being the history and present state

In addition to their aesthetic quality, the knives were also great for rugged hunting use. The large finger grooves allowed you to precisely control each ...

There Is No Greater Pocket Knife Than the Humble Douk-Douk

Watch: History of SOG Knives

Michigan History Center: Some of the Knives on Display

Of Knives and Forks