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Caretaker inoculations stellaris

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ImageAnd I thought Ancient Caretakers are harmless!

ImageI am completely unable to tell if this is a bug or a feature.

ImageHow patronizing. Ill take one Battle-Cruiser please.

Stellaris - 74 - Enigmatic Caretaker and inoculation

ImageImmortality ...


ImageI got War in heaven, Contingency, and glitched caretakers all at once.

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ImageThey ...


... found an alien caretaker robot abandoned in space. He needed a new home and since I was playing as nice humans, I gave him one.

... hours of Stellaris, but have never ever seen this before until now. It is glorious! Almost on par with the spontaneous triple-fraction Unbidden FFA, ...

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The triggers for the Machine Uprising are techs labelled “Dangerous”. It does not

Stellaris Apocalypse Multiplayer #24 The Great Khan Rises

DiscussionWhat ...

If we had claimed the cargo, it would total to 300 minerals, which is much more than anything like a 'routine shipment' at this point in the game.

Thoughts on the Rogue Servitor experience in 2.2.7 - Stellaris Games Guide

ImageI see you're 'amazing world' and I raise you with a machine fallen empire ringsegment, filled with my biological engineered serviles species.


Stellaris: Grand Records Guild #3 - Caretaker AX7-b

Synthetic Dawn is a wonderfully themed addition to the Stellaris family. But there are some things you need to know about it going in.

Plenty of names and flavour texts were rewritten so that the Machine Intelligences have their own

For some reason I dont believe your calculations.


stellaris synthetic dawn exterminators dlc

One of Stellaris' original selling points was that it presented a world liberally sprinkled with just about every sci-fi trope and technology imaginable.

Well, I suppose it wasn't ALL the aliens. There was that weird Wraith thing causing trouble. Ships blew that thing up right fast. Then there was the war.

Machine FE may ask machine empires to donate one of their pop just like Xenophile FE.

Giant space microbes don't count as bio-trophies for Rogue Servitors.

Crafting a government now involves picking components from three distinct lists: ethics, authority and civics. Ethics aren't entirely new, but there are a ...

The Caretakers - Rogue Servitors - Setup ( Let's Play Modded Stellaris)

Some ...



Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn Arrives

It's ...

24 Jun. "

Stellaris Guide: Beating a Fallen Empire

The Contingency


Advertisement: Stellaris ...

The developer has made a number of tweaks to this political structure since Stellaris' launch in early 2016 that make it easier to understand for new and ...


Stellaris - Contingency Mechanics (Skynet is up to its old tricks)

Featured post apocalypse

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Planned Release Date: 2019


Stellaris End-All

Yes, malfunctioning caretakers come equipped with a ready-made colossus to properly take care of you

From weird injections to free resources being handed out, the Cartel begins to wonder if the Homolog Continuum is just a bunch of robots a few thousand ...

With the growing automation of Daeran industry and the growing importance of Daeran technological supremacy over its rivals, an increasing segment of the ...


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/vg/ - Video Game Generals » Thread #203921017

Stellaris 2.2 Megacorp Ultimate Guide Strategies Tips And Tricks planetary features

Protoss not your thing? Even when they can disguise themselves as beautiful aliens? You're a truly Spartan sell. Well for those that just want the nitty ...

The Ziiran Mandate, Democratic Crusaders who hate the Cartel's fuzzy orange backsides, good thing they are on the other side of the galaxy.

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn expansion brings playable robot overlords in September | PC Gamer

Mod (other)If you look at the Anomaly result box, you will see the saddest anomaly of all of Stellaris.

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Stellaris: Megacorp - Криминальный синдикат - Часть 16 (Разгон вычислений)

Benevolent A.I.

Stellaris' New Horizons mod is the best Star Trek game

And now we have marauders nearby, this is going to keep things interesting that is for sure.

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ImageThe ...

Well, that is all kinds of disturbing.

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn lets you play like Skynet, The Borg, or even Wall-E | PCGamesN


[Гайд][Stellaris: Le Guin][Угасшие Империи] - Древние смотрители / Ancient Caretakers

The Dyss Marauders start threatening the Cartel for resources on pain of them blowing our stuff up and taking it anyway.

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Of course, "the Contingency" is most likely the cause of this; the probability of an ancient machine turning violent at this moment in particular is almost ...

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How to Build the OVERWHELMING Paradox Tall Empire | Part 1 | Stellaris 2.2.7 (Le Guin) Strategy

Oops, seems we caused them to get hit by a comet.

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Top 6 GAME-BREAKING Stellaris Exploits | Stellaris 2.2.2 (Le Guin) "Strategy"